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Released June 3rd 2020

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This album was made with support from DMF - Dansk Musiker Forbund, and DAF - Dansk Artist Forbund 

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"A pleasure to listen to. Technical as well as artistic."

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Alejandro Sancho presenting TANGOS II - Denmark Tour

I will be playing solo concerts in Bisserup, Odense, Aalborg, Maribo and Copenhagen, presenting songs from both my new album and the previous one TANGOS.

Alejandro Sancho performing TANGO (a theatre play by Lars Dammark/Teater O)

The Årets Reumert 2019-nominated piece will be touring in Denmark between November 1st to 27th 2020.

I composed the music for this play, and I will be performing both as a musician and actor, together with the great Lars Dammark who is also the author of the piece.

TANGO tells the story of a man (Lars) tracing the steps of his great-grandfather who left to Argentina in the 1920s and never came back to Denmark. This search leads to Lars' understanding of his own life.

more info about the play (in danish)

TANGO calendar 2020


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