About me

I am a freelance guitarist from Argentina. I have been playing professionally for the last three decades and have been based in Europe since 2002.


A big fan of rock and pop music of the ‘60s and ‘70s and a lover of Jazz and Brazilian Samba and Bossa Nova, my guitar studies included aspects of classical music mixed with jazz and other genres of popular music. I have a vast experience of performing all the genres mentioned above, not only on stage but also as a session musician -both live an at the studio- including work for popular T.V. shows in Argentina.

But through the last two decades tango music has taken over most of my work, perhaps as a way for me to reconnect with my Argentinian roots and culture.

It has also been due to tango music that I’ve had the privilege of playing in some of the world's most renowned and prestigious theatres and concert houses: Paris L’Olympia, London Sadler’s Wells, Sydney Opera House, Chicago Symphony Hall, Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Oslo Opera House and Philadelphia Symphony Hall, to name a few.

More over, tango music has also given me the chance to perform in smaller venues, allowing me to have a more direct and intimate contact with the audiences, which I truly love and appreciate.

Current Projects

  • Alejandro Sancho - Tangos (solo-guitar)

Presenting my latest recording, TANGOS II. My solo concerts include material from both albums TANGOS and TANGOS II plus other tango classics arranged for solo guitar by me. TANGOS III -the final album of the TANGOS trilogy- is in its recording phase and will be released by the end of the spring 2023.

  • Fernando Marzan Quintet

Member of the tango quintet created by the renowned Argentine pianist, composer and arranger Fernando Marzan since its inception in 2001. Toured worldwide with FMQ as member of tango dance shows being the latest the Sadler's Wells production M¡longa, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

FMQ released 4 CDs under its name and many others accompanying diverse tango artists.


  • Jungman & Sancho Tango Duo

Duo with the Zürich based bandoneon maestro Luciano Jungman.

Released the CD Tango Bohemio in 2012.


  • Sara Indrio & Alejandro Sancho - Prosodia

Songwriting project featuring the Danish-Italian singer/songwriter Sara Indrio.

Based on the different cultural inputs we both had in our upbringing and professional life, we bring them together in this music "melting pot" in which pop, folk, tango and scandinavian "viser" meet. Sara has a vast experience performing not only her own music but also with some of the most renowned artists in the Danish music scene (more about Sara here). Our first album Prosodia will be released during Spring 2023.

  • The Tangofied Ensemble

Danish bassist Torben Westergaard is the leader and composer of this band which plays a fusion of tango and Scandinavian jazz.

Played on the CDs Tangofied II and Tangofied III.